Supermarkets and Restaurants

Yourbuddy” app helps customers to the pre-order grocery at supermarkets and food at restaurants. So by the time the customer arrives, his shopping list or food order is neatly packed and is waiting to be picked. Shopping or placing food orders through “Yourbuddy” is most convenient because it saves us from the ordeal of prolonged wait. Imagine the comfort of ordering daily essentials from your living room’s couch and then picking it from the store on your way back from an evening stroll. With “Your buddy” you can avoid wasting your precious time near the supermarket shelves, billing counters, at the orders counters at restaurants, waiting while food is being prepared, etc. As a business owner “Yourbuddy” can help you reduce your operating cost significantly by cutting down employee costs. Also such kind of technology can help you improve both revenue and profit.

Kabanas and Bars

Yourbuddy’s functionality has been further extended to serve customers at beach resorts and bars. Most often customers relaxing in a Kabana, find difficulty in reaching out and placing food orders. In most of the resorts, waiters move around from one kabana to another collecting orders. This process is time-consuming and at the same time is counted as an unpleasant experience for the customer as he has to wait for placing and receiving his order with a lot of uncertainty. Similarly in bars, between drinks, customers go through difficulty to find the attendant and place their repeat orders. In between all that chaos even they could spot one the wait time for the orders to arrive is enormous. In both these scenarios “Yourbuddy” comes to your rescue. Both at a Kabana or a Bar customers can use “Yourbuddy” to book food orders and track them without the pain of uncertainty. The bar and resort owners can earn a reputation of providing better customer services by using “Yourbuddy” app to serve the customers.

Theaters and Stadiums

These days we hardly find time to go to a theatre to watch a movie or to the stadium to watch the match. So won't the movie or the match be more worth our time if we can watch it uninterrupted? As we step out and waste our time waiting near the food stall many magical match moments and many thrilling cinema moments are missed out. Long queues and immense chaos consume more than 15 mins of our time in front of food stalls in such places. Imagine you had to go there with your family. The number of trips one has to make will be more than one. There isn’t any point in planning such an outing. Yourbuddy comes to your rescue during such a situation. The movie or the match fans can order their food from their seats. And if the food stall has enough staff they can even receive their orders without stepping out. However, if even the business is understaffed the customer can place the order and only move out when he is alerted that his food is packed and ready to be picked. This way both the customers and the business owners are benefitted, while customers can enjoy every moment of the movie or match the food business owners can serve more customers with minimum staff cost.

The above are just few of the various places where Your Buddy can make a huge difference to businesses. Other enterprises which can use Your Buddy are hospitals, pharmacies, salons etc