Datalake on AWS

The database is a centralized repository that is used to store structured or unstructured data of any size. It can hold huge amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed. Unlike in the traditional system of practice, a data lake uses a flat architecture to store data. Data lake is a data storage strategy, not technology. Data storage using Data lake strategy doesn’t have predetermined schema. It can receive both relational and non-relational data from IoT devices, social media, mobile apps, and corporate applications. Data lake has the ability to harness more data, from more sources, in less time. It can empower users to collaborate and analyze data in different ways leads to better, faster decision making. It can help improve customer interactions, improve R&D innovative choices, and Increases operational efficiencies.

What can you expect from us?

  • We help you to migrate your structured, semi structured and unstructured data on to the AWS datalake.
  • We help you to cleanse your data and process it through Bronze/Silver and Gold layers.
  • We protect your data with Lake Formations and Cognito.
  • We create visualizations using quick site or Power BI or Tableau.
  • We develop Glue based ETL to process your data and create aggregations for you.
  • We can help store your metadata automatically in the Glue catalog.
  • We provide Cloud trail and Cloud watch to track the access and debug information.
  • We push audit data into Cloud watch and/or Dynamo DB.
  • We will continue to maintain your system.
    Clients :
  • Cummins Inc, USA
  • Eli Lilly Inc, USA
  • Argo Insurance, USA