About Us

Who We are

DLS is a solid team of AWS certified associates ready to provide solutions to the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)
We champion the art of Mobile App development and make it easy for the next generation customers to perform transactions on the go
We transform your backend reports to Insightful Dashboard through our AI logics
We provide services to School, Parents, Merchants, Customer through our flagship product "Your Buddy"

What matters to us

Parents peace of mind (through their Kid Tracking)
Customer Safety and Convenience (through easy of transacting with the Merchants)
SME undivided attention to their core business (by leaving the backend hassles to us)

What We do

Provide complete tracking of school bus, maintain student's profile
Provide Pickup of groceries, food, medicines etc from the stores, restaurants
Transport the data into Cloud and build the dashboards

How We do it

Services to the Merchants and Customers is executed through our flagship product "Your Buddy"
Certified AWS team will do the magic of transforming your data


  • To accelerate the business of our clients by providing the best suitable digital platform solutions, products and services

  • Vision

  • Simplify the journey of on-boarding to the Digital platforms
  • CEO and Founder
    Ram Gudimetla
    CEO - Founder

    Ram Gudimetla

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India

    20+ years IT veteran worked on fortune 50 companies

    Surya Bhamidi
    CEO - Asia Pacific

    Surya Bhamidi

    Satish R. Nayakula
    Head of Technology

    Satish R. Nayakula

    Sathish Rnayakula, Having 9+ years of experience in the Industry and 5 years of experience on AWS cloud technology.