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Our Products

School Buddy

School buddy is on-stop solution for both parent and school to manage their communication, track school bus, send remainder, Student grades, School attendance and lot more. The app is easy to use and has all the basic functionalities to have a complete view of your children school related activities and for school it is more of a platform to communicate within themselves as well the parents. Schools can send fee due remainders, information on Parents teachers meeting, Manage their internal communication etc.

School buddy can small app on your cell phones and can help you with all your basic activities related to schools.
Tracking School bus

Track you children’s and school bus and be rest assured about their safety on the road

Attendance and grades management

Review your kid's attendance and manage their grades and plan for their study and development accordingly

Notification and reminders

Schools and send the updates using the app and parents can view these remainder and be updated on school related activities


The application is more of a community for all the key stake holder and act as a communication platform including parents, teachers, school management and administration.

Fleet Buddy

For any school the assets are the most valuable investments and fleets are the main investment. In this rushing era safety of kids is one of the biggest concerns of any parents, School buddy help you manage the safety and communication while, Fleet buddy will take care of your assets. From managing and tracking to managing the health and performance of your fleet. This application help you manage the fleet related activities and take away the stress of safety and keeps you updates on fleet status. Fleet buddy is a one stop solution for your overall fleet management system.

Track your Fleet

Manage and track your fleet on just a click and ensure safety of your assets as well you the children’s

Attendance and grades management

Review your fleet logs, fleet health, vehicle profiles, fleet health and lot more. This help you manage your fleet is more efficient

Notification & Communication

School and fleet management authorities can communicate and send important information and details as and when required