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Healthcare organizations are realizing the power of Big Data Solutions for digital transformation of their business to offer higher standard of healthcare. Digitalization of medical records bridges the gap between the healthcare providers and the patients by creating a ecosystem of connected services where the medical care providers has access to the medical history of the patients anywhere and anytime. Data Lakes offer specialized and comprehensive solutions to meet the end-to-end capabilities of pharmacy and hospitals in the healthcare industry.

Our experienced team with their IoT capabilities helps healthcare companies to continuously collect and analyze the clinical and the non clinical data throughout the healthcare system value chain to take quick real time decisions. The speed of communication, patient diagnosis, efficiency in treatment ensures better cost-effective outcomes thereby leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts has capabilities to design Pharmacy & Hospital suite of solutions to addresses the complete circuit of back office, central management and front office function of the hospitals. Practical use of our tools can enable healthcare providers to achieve administrative efficiency, deliver quality nursing care, effective medical audit, e-prescription, pharmacy store and stock management and billing. We offer

  • Implementation Services: By implementing IoT Pharmacy & Hospital Suite solutions, the healthcare providers can monitor patients in real time and cut down the doctor visits.
  • Assessment Services: By connecting the healthcare solutions with cloud computing, the doctors have access to information in real time which helps them to take informed decisions.
  • Enhance/Upgrade Services: when the healthcare system is upgraded connected through IoT, it improves the accuracy of diagnosis, timely medical intervention and enhanced medical treatment.

About Datalake Solutions

DataLake Solutions is a solution oriented firm indulged in serving organizations with work optimizing products and services since Jan ,2016 in India, based in USA. Data-lake has an experienced and dedicated team equipped with knowledge, skills and expertise of modern era to fulfil business reqments and same is rewarded with customer’s delight.

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