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Data Lake’s structured IoT Solutions, help clients to enhance their customer experience. Our strategic solutions operate seamlessly and connect to the requirements of the connected products, customers, operations and infrastructure. By adopting our IoT solutions, enterprises can build new revenue modules. We offer solutions in
  • Consulting: provide insights to the enterprise about IoT solutions. We help in road mapping, domain based value stream mapping, Use case definition, Business case definition, Business ROI & KPIs Mapping, Solution Blueprinting
  • Implementation & Integration Services: By leveraging our expertise and partner platforms, we provide end to end solutions from M2M communication to Business Intelligence integration.
  • Analytics & Insights: We develop analytics for the solutions we offer to the business users. And based on the applied analytics we generate actionable insights for the optimization of process & productivity.
  • Pioneering Services: Our IoT solution team consists of domain experts, who with their knowledge and CoE support, develop and enhance the IoT solution platform.
  • Cyber security: We offer ICS Vulnerability assessment, zoning and separation of networks, sustenance Managed services, incident response & recovery risk Assessment and risk based compliance.

Our Centre of Excellence for IoT remains in the following respective Verticals
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Building/Housing/Office Applications
  • Logistics/Transportation Applications
  • Education Applications
  • Government and Safety
  • Energy Applications
  • IoT Security

About Datalake Solutions

DataLake Solutions is a solution oriented firm indulged in serving organizations with work optimizing products and services since Jan ,2016 in India, based in USA. Data-lake has an experienced and dedicated team equipped with knowledge, skills and expertise of modern era to fulfil business reqments and same is rewarded with customer’s delight.

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